All Are Welcome!

Welcome to St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. We are a member of the Rocky Mountain Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Worship Schedule

We have 1 worship service every Sunday at 9:00 am with fellowship time after.

We have a staffed nursery available for those with young children.

Stop wasting time running after the perfect community. Live your life fully in your community today.                 Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

Many of us are looking for community. We have a need to belong, to be known and we seek places and people with whom we can be at home. And yet, we are uncertain about making commitments and what it takes to build community. It would be so much easier if we could be connected without being encumbered! The ways we have been formed by our church and culture have not given us the skills or virtues we need to be part of the very communities we long for.

This summer at St John’s, we will reflect on four practices that build up community life. Practices are the “things people do together over time to address fundamental human needs”. We will focus on practices basic to human life and community that are at the heart of God’s character and activity. We will practice 1) gratitude, 2) making and keeping promises, 3) living truthfully and 4) welcoming others.

This summer we will practice being community! And then we will practice some more! In this case “practice does not make perfect”, but we will discover a life more fully lived together and with God.

You are welcome to come, stay, and invite others to practice with us! Live your life fully today!

Community Garden Produce


Our Mission is to proclaim and spread God’s Good News in Jesus Christ through word and deed.